Trend Report: Washed out hair

1. Evangelie 2. Billie- Rose 3. Caroline 4. Zina 5. Hanneli

A year ago and many attempts after trying to change from blonde to brunette that I realized the washed color left at the bottom wasn’t bad at all. It looked very Sarah Jessica Parker -ish and I kind of felt woman in the city. After many visits to my hairdresser my hair finally became completely dark but I re bleached them and start to see that every fashion blogger did the same so it became a trend. Here are for you some of the best washed out haired blogirls.  


  1. I love this style!


  2. very nice style!! in fashion!!

  3. Wheeeeeen i had long hair, I tried that trend too. To sigouro einai oti einai i moni tasi pou ksekourazei ta mallia!Kisses!

    Style LimeLight

  4. you've found some great examples - i love this trend, it's so low-maintenance!


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